Movie Character Business Cards by Benedetto Papi & Edoardo Santamato 

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Scenes from the 50th Academy Awards: April 3, 1978

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Odd Obsession video store, Chicago

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Mariah Carey as Hattie Pearl in “The Butler” (2013)

NEW trailer for Jupiter Ascending starring channing tatum and mila kunis

Scarlett Johansson is an alien

La nueva producción del director inglés Jonathan Glazer, Under The Skin. En esta ocasión él está nominado como mejor director y la protagonista Scarlett Johansson como mejor actriz para los British Independent Film Awards.

No tenemos todavía fecha de salida en DVD, pero estaremos comunicando cuando ya esté disponible.

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James Franco Remembers Philip Seymour Hoffman

The last time I ran into Philip was at Bar Centrale, a theater restaurant, when he came in with a group that included Chris Rock, Zach Braff, and a bunch of great stage actors. At the time, I had read that Philip had gone to rehab for heroin. I was shocked, because you don’t think that a person who absolutely everyone acknowledges as great, would have such problems. But that was foolish, because addiction cares nothing for personality. It is an illness, not a matter of will, class, intelligence, or lifestyle. I have no idea what happened to Phil before he was found dead, but a friend of mine told me they saw him the day before he passed and he looked happy. This says to me that Philip was not someone who had given up. He didn’t throw it all away. He was just someone—a very special someone—who was sick. His death is shocking to us because his greatness made him seem invincible. At the very least, all the incredible art he gave us should warrant him another chance. 

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